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Round Bowl
Article: BSD-23-102
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Round Bowl
Article: BSD-23-103
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Flat Dish
Article: BSD-23-104
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Lid only
Article: BSD-23-105
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Stainless Steel Bowl
Article: BSD-23-106
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Round Dish
Article: BSD-23-107
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Flat Dish
Article: BSD-23-108
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Measurer Graduated Inside
Article: BSD-23-109
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Measurer Graduated Inside
Article: BSD-23-110
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Petri Dish with Lid
Article: BSD-23-111
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Petri Dish
Article: BSD-23-112
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Lid for Petri Dishes
Article: BSD-23-113
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Universal Tray
Article: BSD-23-114
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Instrument Tray
Article: BSD-23-115
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Universal Tray
Article: BSD-23-116
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Carrying forward the family tradition Rafque (Late) founded Blink SurgiDent Instruments in early sixties to manufacture high quality surgical, dental instruments and scissors all kinds to win sizeable share of business arising from the world-wide growing needs of these lines.

Slowly but steadily Rafque established itself as quality manufacturer and supplier, and a reliable business partner. Concurrent with the business growth all necessary machinery and equipment were added to the facility as and when needed.